We believe the first followers of Jesus used the word brethren to describe women and men whose lives had been changed by God’s love.

Today’s Brethren

  • Church Of The Brethren Started About
    Years Ago

  • Like the first Brethren, today’s Brethren still look to the Bible for guidance rather than to set doctrines that tell us what to believe. Today’s Brethren still emphasize compassion, peacemaking, service, and simple living. We baptize those who meet Jesus and seek to follow him. We anoint each other for healing. And in our Love Feast, we reenact the Last Supper Jesus shared with his
  • followers when he washed their feet, shared a meal with them, and offered the bread and cup of communion. Brethren work locally and worldwide to help victims of war, poverty, and natural disasters. We believe that when Jesus showed us another way of living, he intended it to help the entire human family.
  • Our Church

    Papago Buttes Church of the Brethren is a small community of Christians who are sharing the journey and adventure of faith. In our midst, you will find persons of many ages, occupations, and ideas who genuinely seek to practice what Jesus taught. As a church community, we support and encourage each other in simple, day-to-day ways – studying the Bible together, sharing a visit, gathering for a meal, enjoying a conversation. You will feel our support especially during the difficult times in your life. We are small enough to know our church family well and to care for each other in ways that are increasingly rare in our world.

  • If you’re looking for another way of living – a way of meaning, peace, friendship, and joy – join us!

    You will also find a place to belong among us. Because we value diversity, you will find room to share your ideas, explore your own theology, and to learn more about your calling and the meaning of your life.  With God all things are possible.

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